Fully traceable, sustainable, organic vanilla extracts from Malagasy beans grown and cured via a unique JV with a farmer co-operative that allows for fair pricing with farmers.


Tap into ADM's traceable vanilla solutions with a best-in-class, direct-from-the-farmer supply chain. Because we connect with farmers all over the world, our vanilla is high quality, cost effective and traceable. A leader in organic vanilla solutions, we partnered with the first farmer-owned processor and exporter of vanilla beans in Madagascar. You and your customers can feel good about the investments we make in our grower communities, including agronomy, education and health initiatives. And, our technical expertise and state-of-the-art extraction systems ensure quality and reliability while our superb logistical network delivers uninterrupted supply. We offer:

Pure vanilla extracts
Cured vanilla beans
Spent vanilla beans
Vanilla paste

Key Benefits

We allow food and beverage products to use our direct from farmer supply chain messaging to enhance consumer acceptance of products related to organic ingredients that have a social message benefiting farmer communities in Madagascar. We also have access to farmer stories that would allow these profiles to be used on packaging to again enhance consumer acceptance of food and beverage products that use vanilla extract as a flavoring.


Wide variety of food (dairy products, ice cream, confectionery, baked goods etc) and beverage products.

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