The R14 platform is a software solution for intelligent automation. The platform supports the rapid development, deployment, and ongoing management of AI-enhanced workflows.


The Rule14 platform is software solution for AI-powered workflows and intelligent automation. Customers can quickly build, test, deploy and manage their own workflows as a SaaS solution, or they may also leverage the Rule14 team for a fully managed end-to-end service.

Of particular interest to this RFP is the R14 Intelligent Document Processing on Demand, a cognitive capture cloud service to classify, extract, summarize and route documents. The IDP solution is industry agnostic, and has been used to process unstructured documents across financial, healthcare, legal, public sector and media domains, amongst others.

With over 40 direct and indirect customers using its healthcare claims processing portal (launched November 2020) to process over 20 million transactions per month, the IDP service includes neural network classifiers pre-trained on an average of 60,000 images. The ever-growing model library supports recognition and extraction across thousands of healthcare, legal, and financial document types. ML-based parsers identify and extract key information of interest, which is sent to validation modules to ensure field extractions meet expectations.

Key Benefits

The Rule14 solution is built for scale, with each workflow micro-service independently scalable, we can optimize for volumes large and small.

Additionally, we understand that even the most accurate ML and/or deep learning solutions are not accurate all the time. We also feature a plug-in for human-in-the-loop data validation and extraction: Teletype. The Teletype plug-in allows Rule14 to leverage a global ad-hoc workforce for low cost, on-demand data extraction and validation.

The combined solution offers a high-value solution for deploying AI-enhanced workflows, including intelligent document processing. Benefits include greater transparency, collaboration, quality and automation rates.


Intelligent Document Processing
Process Mining and Automation
Risk Mitigation

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