Oxford researchers have developed a technique for the low-cost manufacture of highly secure authentication labels which can store large amounts of data.


By combining the individualisation of barcodes and the security of holograms, we have a non-clonable label that is easily authenticated without requiring a massive infrastructure overhaul. Our printing and reading of these security labels is a patented process.

Key Benefits

Current security label hardware is based on old and well-known concepts. Overt options, like barcodes, are cheap to produce but offer almost no protection from counterfeiting. Covert technologies, like RFID tags, are more secure but too expensive to mass produce. Our technology is industrially scalable while retaining a high level of security and offering large data storage. Furthermore, it has the potential to be integrated with existing software solutions to further enhance security.


We seek to apply our technology to areas most in need of anti-counterfeit solutions, ranging from high-security printing to brand protection and package labelling.

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