We are working with a major brewery to convert waste material, stabilizing it and boosting it with additional chemicals to make it into a powerhouse 'active' for personal care.


Santahumol™ is a product of the collaboration Of Skin Actives with SanTan Brewing (Arizona, USA), and diverts discarded hop material from the brewing waste stream. Hop extracts are known to contain important polyphenols including Apigenin, Humulone, Kampferol, Narigenin, Xanthohumol, and Quercetin.

Key Benefits

The material produced has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, and melanin correction properties. It is stable and is easily to blend into creams and aqueous serums. Material used is largely diverted from waste stream.


We are targeting melanin correction products, acne products, as well as personal care products in general. Due to the attractiveness of hops, the material is perfect for high value personal care products for men. We have the ability to integrate this material easily into our hair and beard rejuvenation products,

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