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Vertical Multifloor Aquaponic Farm Technology for indoor, on-shelf production of Superfast-Growing (1meter per day - Guinness Book) Bamboo Biomass ( SGBB ) - Everyday Harvests & Gigantic Yields, consuming hundreds of tons of CO2 per day, a perfect Fuel for Clean Combustion directly in the Coal-Fired Power Plants at the same caloricity as the Lignite (20MJ/kg) - ; and Raw material for Anaerobic Production of 100% C-Neutral & super-cheap BioFuels as BioGas, BioEthanol, BioMethane - and Green Bio-Hydrogen out of it ; BioDiesel - ; plus Pellets, Briquettes ; numerous Sterile-Clean Foods - ; Fodders ; Proteins, Fats, Sugars, Oils, Analog Meats, Astro/NASA-Foods ; Ferts, Fibres, Pulps, BioPolymers, Bio-Degradable Packages, Construction & Structural CCUS-Materials - and many more - an entire new Multi-Billion Bamboo Economy - .
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Key Benefits

Zero-Cost, Zero-Carbon Production of Sterile-Clean Foods and C-Neutral BioFuels to fight against Climate Changes, Air-Soil-Water Pollution, Deforestation, Poverty, Hunger, Unemlployment, Lack of Infrastructure, Homelessness, Hopelessness, Water/ Power Scarcity, Poor Hygiene, Diseases, Epidemics, Crimes, Wars & Terror.


Foods, Energy / Fuel Generation

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