Essential plumbing for multisource data analytics and the enabling platform for IP creation and commercialisation.


"We are the essential plumbing for multi-source AI/ML diagnostics and the enabling platform for IP creation. A wallet system for small but highly scalable mobile applications with tokenised ecosystems and autonomous governance.
Interoperable and futureproof for complex customer focused sustainable delivery.
With this platform you can incentivise and learn what your customers care about."
Edward Cole, KATLAS CEO

KATLAS blockchain addresses the modern business infrastructure need to make remote decentralized KPI reporting happen. Our permissioned blockchain platform can augment, accelerate, streamline and reduce costs by cutting out reporting intermediaries.

KATLAS provide the support middleware – a "blockchain as a service" data hosting and communication layer to:
1. Link and interconnect multiple cloud-based platforms and systems for: integrated corporate governance, confidential records, regulators, investigators, public, health and care organizations, academia, service providers, devices and the IoT.
2. Enable “any to any” transactions across a user centric distributed network to cut out intermediaries and overcome the problems of data privacy and security. Fast transactions speeds mean all relevant information is readily available for real time informed decision making.
3. A project and Asset Management tool to spin up small but highly scalable tokenized ecosystems with plug-in reporting tools to provide end to end visibility, flexibility, agility, accountability, auditability, performance monitoring, incentivisation and automated payments.
4. AI/ML Diagnostics – plug-in supplier data engines source any permissioned data on the network for analysis – real-time consent to access a verifiable single source of anonymised real-time data.
The permissioned and consented flow of data, information and communications takes place through a system of authorised stakeholder storage “wallets”, and protocols that are secured on our decentralized blockchain network – each authorized wallet links to its own personal digital devices.

Through the inherent properties of immutability and transparency the KATLAS block chain becomes the distributed “ledger of truth”

Benefits of distributed ledger systems:
• Asset management of critical 5G infrastructure
• Anonymised identity for people and machines
• Reduce reliance on a patchwork of failing legacy systems,
• Decentralised CRM, Bookings and eCommerce – to enable automation and non-discriminatory discovery and execution. A wallet system without invisible intermediaries acting as multiple source of failure, not least security and GDPR breaches.

KATLAS has built and is in the process of building these capabilities as core for managing private bookings in hospitality, in the monitoring of risk KPIs in the mining industry, applicable where data analytics, 5G devices, personal wallets (staff passports) come together to inform decision makers in modern sustainable outcomes.

Public/Private – our technology is purpose built to create special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for managing projects of any size that can be jointly funded and bring suppliers and research in under one roof to share IP creation – regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our technology uniquely addresses the modern corporate need for:
• Diversity, inclusion and equality
• Personalised customer engagement
• Digital and artificial intelligence
• Workforce – reduce discrimination and defend civil liberties
• Sustainability and the environment
• Support HIGH IMPACT projects

Key Benefits

The KATLAS platform enables researchers to access and exchange IP with the following High-Level Service benefits:

• Governance – Control of the T&Cs for all suppliers and users that join the network, ensuring certification is up to date.
• KPIs Reporting - Analytical engines can pull data made available from suppliers and users in real-time according to dynamic T&Cs.
• Sustainability – All assets, staff and processes are accessible directly from the data owner/ controller / authority and available to (Treasury, HR, Board etc).
• Payments/Invoicing – A tokenised economy ensures no double-booking or double-pay and claims are settled across multiple stakeholders (pooled funds and commissioners).
• Data Strategy – The KATLAS platform immediately improves access and interoperability, to facilitate the safe (secure and anonymised) sharing of data in support of individual care, population health and the effective functioning of the system. Data is not inadvertently shared due to human error.
• Readable Data – The personalised wallet makes this much simpler to execute as a single user record is standardised and unique, and therefore readable across the network –it is unnecessary for multiple organisations to make changes.
• Customer Empowerment – The wallet facilitates the ability to select certified suppliers with optional anonymity to reduce inequalities.

Structural Impact:
• Facilitate collaborative data research for common or individual benefit.
• Decrease funding decision times with trackable stakeholder benefits.
• Tokenised ecosystem incentivises investment and rewards all participants in IP creation.
• Bookings are managed by computers and accounted with real-time payments.
• Data analytics are plugged in to permissioned sources to inform and improve performance.
• Users only need to login to one network, for access to all customers, suppliers and administrators.
• Auditors and regulators manage payments and compliance remotely.


5G security and asset management; Data Analytics; IOT integration; TeleHealth, Events and Hospitality; Insurance Claims; HMRC and FinTech

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