Driven by world leading Deep Learning from IBM Watson, Working Eye has turned traditional careers advice into an AI driven self-discovery experience.


The Working Eye Career Discovery Platform has been developed and validated through extensive research with teenagers, parents, teachers, careers professionals and academic institutions alike. With their help and input, it flies in the face of conventional wisdom to radically disrupt the status quo.

Driven by world leading Deep Learning from IBM Watson, Working Eye has turned traditional careers advice into an AI driven self-discovery experience, using interactive multimedia and cognitive technology to engage and stimulate the user throughout the discovery process.

Addressing the Problem:

Careers advice needs to be brought into the 21st century by - engaging, stimulating and motivating teenagers, empowering them through self discovery. Giving schools AI driven tools to deliver Ofsted Gatsby Benchmarks and by achieving better learning outcomes for motivated students who can visualise their future careers.

The skill shortage - There is a disconnect between education and the skills economy. The Learning and Work Institute predict the UK skills deficit will cost £120 billion by 2030. It will cost the Rail Sector alone £120million per year. The UK film industry needs a further 10,000 staff for continued growth. Teenagers need to understand the world of work in all its forms Work experience opportunities are rapidly decreasing

Covid-19 has made this situation worse - Covid-19 has had a major impact on careers, education, information, advice and guidance within schools.

The Solution to the Problem - Create an interactive service that matches the aspirations of young people to the needs of employers. Work with leading AI / deep learning concepts, leveraging a team of IBM Watson experts. Use the best of all communicators: film, dynamic infographics and interactive chat. Exploit our team’s knowledge of emerging technology.

Key Benefits

Working Eye uses a cognitive process, not an algorithm. The ‘intent’ of the visitor is discovered through language uses, questions, answers and results. It will make a recipe that is unique to the intent of this visitor, not one that has previously been created.

Our ‘secret sauce’ is a cognitive map of careers, intents, desires, skills and opportunities. IBM Watson is integral to this cognitive map; an essential ingredient in the ‘sauce’.

First mover advantage is delivered by our cognitive approach. This advantage will always be there as our platform will have acquired knowledge greater than copy cats. Other players entering this market will not be able to catch up with the Deep Learning already developed within our platform. We plan a long and mutually beneficial partnership with IBM Watson and our AI architecture is currently ‘Patent Pending’.


Consumer subscriptions at £39 per year - bought by parents to be used by their teenage children. 3,160,000 uk households with teenagers aged 11 - 19 years. Free for schools in exchange for help reaching their teenagers and parents. Working eye corporate will engage with industry for workforce transformation and recruitment. Working eye foundation funded by revenues to provide inclusivity for all however economically or socially challenged. Jobs of the future constantly predicated and added to the film library.

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