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Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Delight and nourish consumers across the globe


Our goal is to delight and nourish consumers across the globe with products people enjoy and feel better about.

Network Summary

Kerry Taste & Nutrition are looking to connect with individuals / companies who have a "turn key" solution or clear expertise in the following areas:

  • Condensed Natural Smoke Flavors - Creating Natural Smoke Flavor Condensates that do not require polysorbate 80 or other food grade emulsifiers to improve stability and remedy the insoluble tars that precipitate out and limit product shelf life. The causes of phenolic (or other organic) compound polymerization.
  • Probiotic Encapsulation / Protection - Any solution should provide stability to a probiotic product for 6 months (after pasteurisation) in a beverage product (dairy based / juice based / water / sports nutrition type) that would have Aw >0.75 and be held at 30C or higher.


  • A description of the authors / creators (for a solution please include this in the description of your solution, for experts please include this in your description of your expertise)
  • A summary of the product / area highlighting the current status and anticipated next steps
  • Products / ideas that fall into 1 of 3 areas:

Innovation: ideation and limited discovery complete

Innovation: technical feasibility proven

Innovation: technical feasibility proven, commercial feasibility proven, product not commercialised

If you have or are developing solutions that relate to any of the above areas and would like to put your solution in front of Kerry Taste & Nutrition, please click "Apply" to submit your solution to the Network. If you are an expert in this area please fill out your description of your expertise accordingly and apply using the "Apply" button.