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Smart Solutions For a Smarter World

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SMS Plc are looking for solutions in managing grid and DNO pressures, bypassing central treatment to reduce water wastage and autonomous vehicle ownership models.

Network Summary


SMS Plc is delivering the future of smart energy through smart metering, utility infrastructure and energy management solutions. A utility asset financing house with a broad complimentary service offering, SMS Plc supports energy suppliers and businesses adapt to a smart grid future. 


1. Managing assets to assist with grid and DNO pressures – The demand on the electricity network continues to rise. The predicted uptake in Electric Vehicles will add further pressure to the national grid. SMS Plc are looking for solutions to assist in changing the focus on the way they manage demand, through smarter use of assets such as energy storage, solar PV and electric vehicle chargepoints. They're looking for companies working on hardware or software to engage with them on this strategy.

2. Tackling the water challenges for the coming decades – Water is set to be the most commonly occurring scarce resource in our changing world. SMS Plc are looking for solutions in bypassing central treatment to reduce wastage in the network. It would also be ideal if solutions had a way of monitoring inputs and outputs at either a commercial or domestic scale which can leverage IoT.

3. Autonomous vehicle ownership models – Full autonomy is a natural progression from the level 3 and 4 vehicles currently being produced by car manufacturers. Technologies like Vehicle to Grid (V2G), the fact that cars are parked 95% of the time and the rise of ride-hailing services mean that the vehicle ownership model has to change. SMS Plc are looking for solutions in new vehicle business ownership models to increase efficiency in mass private car ownership.

What's in it for you? 

A successful collaboration could mean becoming part of SMS Plc or forming a partnership/joint venture to co-develop and co-launch the idea to market. 

The smart energy market is on the verge of large-scale transformation. SMS Plc are supplier and consumer agnostic, and through collaboration they see a fantastic opportunity to innovate and transform the way they engage with their energy use. They are willing to collaborate with anyone who is looking to work with them on the future of smart energy.