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Virgin Atlantic

We don’t do ordinary


We don’t do ordinary. Our business is about delivering the dazzling, serving up the spectacular and making the most marvellous memories - for every customer.

Network Summary

Since Virgin Atlantic was founded in 1984, we've become the UK's second largest carrier, flying from London to many of the world's major cities including New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Delhi and Johannesburg.

To better our customer service capabilities we have 3 challenges we would like solving and we need your help. We're looking for:

  • Solutions that can improve the customer experience for business travellers
  • Solutions that can improve the customer experience for families
  • Solutions that can bring the excitement back to air travel for leisure passengers.

If you have or are developing solutions that relate to any of the above areas and would like us to put your solution in front of Virgin Atlantic, please submit your innovation for approval.