Fat Innovations for Plant-Based Meat & Cheese

Finding solutions to improve fats for the plant-based segment

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Sime Darby Oils is looking for innovations/experts who can help them to improve their existing fats for the plant-based segment - B2B customers manufacturing end applications (plant-based processed meat, cheese and whole cuts).

Application Deadline
September 30th, 2021
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Sime Darby Oils (SDO) is the downstream arm of Sime Darby Plantation, the world's largest certified sustainable palm oil player. With global presence (refineries & innovation centres) in APAC, EMEA and Oceania, SDO provides tailored oils and fats solutions to customers in various product segments such as frying, confectionery, bakery, health and wellness.

Moving forward, we would like to expand our footprint in the plant-based segment. Currently, our products include shortening and animal fat replacers which are still missing key characteristics (sensory & nutritional).

Ideally, what we want at the end of the day, is to develop a portfolio of fats (from palm oil, soybean oil, canola oil or coconut oil) for our B2B customers to choose from, tailored for various end applications and blending with various plant-based proteins.

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How can we improve our existing fats in terms of sensory and nutritional profile to provide better offering for B2B customers in the plant-based segment and match current animal-based meat and cheese?

The solution should not be limited to palm-based fats only as we have supply chains for other oils including soybean oil, canola oil and coconut oil.

We have conducted lab trials using existing fats and face the following issues:

For processed meat:

  • Texture, chewiness and firmness
  • Retaining moisture during cooking, reheating, freezing, and thawing
  • Strong off-flavours in soy products 
  • Incomplete set of amino acids
  • Anti-nutritional factors (isoflavones and saponins)

For cheese (mozarella, cheddar, cream cheese):

  • Texture issues – no stretch
  • Flavor problems
  • Poor melting properties
  • Spreadability
  • Shelf-life

Our priority is as follows: fat solutions for processed plant-based meat > cheese > whole cuts. However, we welcome any solutions that could solve any of these issues for any end applications.

We value long term partnerships and co-development of the solutions.

What's in it for you?

Sime Darby Oils offers a ready route to market (B2B) and to scale/commercialise your product through existing partnerships with multinational F&B customers and our refineries globally.

Whether you have or are developing solutions, or if you have expertise in the above, we would like to connect with you! Please click "Apply" to submit your solution/expertise to the Network.