Office of Technology Transfer Mission and Vision

The Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) exists to help commercialize new University technologies.  OTT is a University function that operates within the Office of the Vice President for Research.  The ultimate functions of OTT are:

  • To identify and evaluate new Notre Dame technologies,
  • To secure legal protection (patents) for ND technologies,
  • To market those technologies to companies that are well positioned to bring them to the marketplace,
  • To negotiate and execute licenses transferring rights in ND technologies to such companies,
  • To collect the licensing income, and
  • To distribute the net proceeds to ND inventors, their departments, and the University in accordance with the University’s intellectual property policies.

The Office of Technology Transfer is a business-oriented service function focused on putting new Notre Dame technologies to work in the marketplace.  Specifically, OTT helps University faculty, research staff, and students identify, protect, market, and license promising new technologies to industry, thus bridging the gap between Notre Dame and industry and helping to establish partnerships that can make useful new technologies available for public benefit.  In addition to the societal and financial benefits that may result, OTT values such partnerships for the opportunities they may provide for research collaborations between Notre Dame and its industry partners and for introducing Notre Dame students to potential employers.

Building on its strong tradition of undergraduate teaching and graduate studies, Notre Dame is now strengthening its research enterprise with dramatically increased resources and new state-of-the-art facilities. External funding has doubled since 2000, now standing at $83 million annually. This is a rare achievement for a University without a medical school, but the growth trend continues. Over the past 5 years, Notre Dame faculty have disclosed more than 200 inventions.

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