Our Innovation Criteria

Here we have provided some simple guidelines regarding your innovation that we are happy to market to potential clients globally.

Leading Edge Only innovation criteriaYour innovation can be a:

  • Technology, product, methodology, service or an idea. 

  • Concept, in development, ready for market or has been available for some time.


Leading Edge Only innovation criteriaYou are seeking:

  • Greater marketing exposure.

  • More potential clients viewing your innovation or / and,

  • Possible alliances, distribution, partners, funding - or more.


Leading Edge Only innovation criteriaYour innovation should:

  • Provide a new, better or more effective solution to those products, processes, services, technologies or ideas that are readily available in the market. 

  • Be relevant and meet a defined potential market need, either now or at some point in the future.

  • Work beyond servicing a local market - your innovation should be able to address a national or international market need.



Join our Global Innovation Marketplace

To add your solution to LEO, simply go to Add Innovation, register or login and go through the 5 stages of adding your innovation to gain the maximum benefits. Add the details of your solution and go live on the Global Innovation Marketplace.