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The Sirius programme is run by UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) helping international graduates with high growth business ideas to set up in the UK.

The Sirius Programme launched in September 2013 and attracted international graduate entrepreneurs from over 93 countries.

Recent research has highlighted the widespread economic benefits that can be generated by attracting global entrepreneurs to the UK.

Over 2,000 gifted and ambitious individuals applied to the competition, 200 winners were selected, the majority of which have already relocated to cities around the UK, taking advantage of the country’s world-class business ecosystem. There are currently over 40 companies on the Sirius Programme with high-growth potential and innovative ideas. The Sirius Programme offers end-to-end support on the journey from start-up to successful business – from financial support for living costs, getting clients and other training. All teams have a place with one of five leading UK accelerators offering mentoring, expert advice and help getting investment.

To date £6.3 million equity investment has been raised with more in the pipeline, with a total valuation of £40.5 million. Prestigious awards and prizes won by the companies is close to £2 million.

Watch some of the companies talk about their time on the programme and experience so far:

Companies in the headlines are Bio-bean, Mihaibao, Oxford Space Structures, Fresh4Cast, Sliide, DealGlobe, Whichit and Reinvent Life Sciences. You can find out more about all of the Sirius companies our participants brochure.

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