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Energy Storage


For my colleagues of the Energy Sector interested in Energy Storage, here is an October publication, by Applied Sciences, about our proposal for long-duration storage. This radical system belongs to the family of Power2Heat2Power, however substitutes both gas compressors & both gas turbines by a single off-the-shelf HYDROELECTRIC pump & turbine set...

Thanks to shallow caverns and large membranes, compressed CO2 works back & forth against water to replace high-elevation gravity (500m-1250m), while converting electricity into low-cost heat & cold, both ways, during liquefaction/vaporization.

For bulk-storage, we expect a Capex as low as 20 USD/kWh, a Round Trip Efficiency of 70% and a 40 year lifetime, not that far with Capex, RTE, lifetime of conventional Pumped-Hydros. Software modelling is now completed. Year 2020 shall see the completion of prototypes and the ground-breaking of a 25 MWh demonstrator.

Hopefully this new brick can accelerate the decarbonization of electricity grids, of heating & cooling networks, also help in storing/using CO2 underground.

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