Field of Expertise



As Knowledge Transfer Manager specialising in design, Jake can support you in a new approach to secure funding or a creative perspective on the development of your product or service.

Jake can help your company grow by advising on your needs related to funding, IP or capability to deliver an innovation. He has expertise in the use of a people-centred approach to create new products and services, low-risk R&D processes and unlocking a culture of creativity and innovation.

Jake supports companies apply for design-centric funding competitions like Design Foundations [link] and works closely with companies to embed design principles into their innovation process to reduce the time and investment needed to bring a product or service to market. He has been part of the team designing and delivering the Innovation Canvas [link] that helps companies frame the top challenges in their innovation project and prioritises the next steps.

He received a PhD in Human-Centred Design working on the Nano Membrane Toilet project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His design work contributed to the self-standing toilet that produces clean water and energy from human waste for developing countries. Prior to the PhD he was awarded the Autocar-Courland Next Generation Award for his design concept and spent a year working for several automotive OEMs in a number of design and innovation roles. Additionally, he has a personal interest in Circular Design (design to enable a Circular Economy) and servitization.