Field of Expertise

Natural and Clean Cosmetic Formulas


Professional cosmetics product developer focusing on natural and cosmetics in the premium and luxury markets. Have developed a global network of chemists with experience in the beauty industry of over 25 years with the expertise and results to show. Expert R&D team creates formulas using the latest innovations inactive ingredients for the best results.

In order to compete in today's competitive market, you need a product that will stand out and is effective. My background sets me apart with expertise in cosmetic chemistry, retail and wholesaling. I understand the process from product development to end sales which many traditional product developers and chemists do not. Staying on top of the latest beauty and lifestyle trends and create innovative products providing solutions that are ahead of the curve and utilize innovative, technology-driven strategies throughout the entire process.

Managing multiple projects at once, supporting the product development lifecycle from concept to launch and optimizations, while ensuring on-time delivery of critical project milestones, budgets, and quality control goals.

Ensuring the packaging and branding will convey the brand's message, attract the right customers and increase sales. I assist in product packaging briefs, copy, artwork.

When you partner with me, you are partnering with a full team of professionals that will help you navigate creative business strategy, product development, and testing, to meet all of your skin care product development needs.