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Venner Nutrition creates plant-based recipe boxes that have health and wellbeing at their core. All the ingredients are hand selected by a team of nutritionists, tailored to focus on and address key physical, mental-health and/or wellbeing issues, The team also develop accompanying recipes which are included within every box, making it simple and hassle free to cook healthy, nutritious, and delicious, dinners.

Each box also includes an access code to Venner's Kitchen, an online portal that's packed full of recipes, seasonal cooking ideas, cookery course videos and nutrition tips. There's also a planet-friendly food waste tool, providing users with inspiration about how to get creative with their leftovers, helping to reduce food waste and positively impact the environment.

A Box with a Conscience

People who buy a Venner Nutrition Box not only "Eat Well”, enjoying a week's worth of delicious, nutritious food, but they are "Doing Some Good" as Venner Boxes have a conscience, with 51% of profits (Venner is a social enterprise) going to support vulnerable families.

We help struggling families by providing a new kind of food aid, one designed to encourage long-term changes in eating habits and healthier lifestyles. Not only do we supply these families with our plant-based food boxes, but we invest in learning and education, teaching them the cooking skills they'll need to create healthy, affordable meals in the future.

Venner is passionate about creating functional products which taste great. Using ingredients and creating recipes that help people feel healthy, whilst empowering them with new skills and resources. What’s more, being plant-based our products are planet friendly, helping safeguard the future of our environment.