Field of Expertise

Business Development


Twelve years in International Relations area, opening international business negotiation, working mainly in the F&B niche (food & beverages companies as: Castelo, Predilecta, Pepsico, Ferrero Rocher, Yoki and others), health (pharmaceutical companies as: Aché, Phizer, Phibro, Fort Dodge and others) and IMO cargo (hazardous cargo such as: War material, explosives, corrosives, flammables, and others).
Epidemiology and international economic containment extension course, working in a government actions as foot-and-mouth disease, swine flu, H1N1, among other.
Graduated gastrologist to better understand the F&B area and work in the expansion of Brazilian winemaking in the international business, companies as: Vitivinícola Cereser, Vinícola Salton, Cia Mulle (Cachaça 51). Specialist in functional food and nutrigenomics, the science that studies genetic nutrition through food, the 1st Chef in the following. Merging the roll of knowledge, I was a pioneer in technology, food and health and launched the 1st Vending Machine of functional food based on Nutrigenomics (patented). I oversaw a growing Food Industry for over 10 years, serving schools, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shop, hotels, market stores, factories and government institutions, in administrative direction, international logistics and relationships, development and launching of new products and sales.