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LEO connects innovation seekers and innovation providers in a unique, proactive global platform.

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The challenge for innovation providers is to cut through the noise and get their innovation seen in a crowded marketplace.

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The challenge for innovation seekers is to constantly identify and connect to the most relevant innovations as efficiently as possible.

LEO solves both these challenges. It delivers the world’s only Global Innovation Platform, enabling international innovation providers and innovation seekers to proactively connect with each other online, start conversations, build communities, and create the kind of buzz that gets 
game-changing ideas in front of those who want to change the game.

Why LEO’s different, and why it matters

LEO is unique because it embraces every stage of innovation, across many different market sectors, constantly maximising the chances of a fruitful connection between innovation provider and innovation seeker.

From Aerospace to Agriculture, Media to Manufacturing, Web to Wearables, and everything else in between, LEO proactively creates connections around brilliant concepts, existing developments, prototypes, ready-for-market offerings, and much more besides.

Only LEO does all this, from one place.

LEO’s mission is to connect quality innovation providers to genuine innovation seekers quickly, easily, and at the lowest possible cost.

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