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Do you need a fast and affordable way to find solutions to your business challenges?

Let LEO’s intuitive platform promote your challenges and connect with world-class innovators to unlock potential you didn’t even know existed.


Directly promote your business challenges to thousands of global innovators and discover your next breakthrough solution through LEO’s innovation platform.


After you publish your business challenges, watch world-class innovators, universities and other organisations apply to showcase their solutions to you.

Screening and Vetting

We believe in quality not quantity, and that your business deserves nothing less. That’s why all innovators and their solutions are automatically screened, scored and ranked in order of relevance based on your criteria, saving your business time and money.

Your Private Innovation Network

All innovations are then displayed in your own dedicated and private network, which is only accessible by your approved users.


LEO’s external innovation platform allows you to message and connect with unique, top-class innovators directly, as well as post messages to the innovators collectively.

Global Coverage

Innovations, technologies and experts come from all corners of the world and cover multiple sectors, providing you with direct access to the solutions that you may otherwise miss.

Connect with LEO’s global innovation community of start-ups, SMEs and universities.

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