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2 Key Takeaways from the LEO Launch Event

Hayley Nast , Leading Edge Only
25 Apr, 2018
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The LEO Launch Event (held at Hambro Perks in London) provided an insight into the LEO journey so far. It included speakers Karl O’Donovan, Global R&D Director from Kerry Taste and Nutrition who gave an insight into the world of corporate innovation and then Richard Pursey, CEO from SafeToNet, who demonstrated the struggles of being an SME. 

1. Corporates struggle to connect to start-ups and SMEs

Innovation continues to surprise us and corporates are still learning to define exactly what they deem an innovation. Kerry Taste and Nutrition had good connections with Research organisations and academia, their main issue was finding relevant starts-ups and SMEs with the solutions that would disrupt the market. 

“We put the cheese in the cheesy Wotsits” Karl O’Donovan, Global R,D&A Director, Kerry Taste and Nutrition

2. Being an SME is hard work

You can have a fantastic solution but if no-one knows it exists then so what? Keep persevering, have a clear strategy and stick to it. SafeToNet knew they had a market changing product, they knew their target market, but how did they break into it? In 2016, they entered the BT Infinity Labs competition through an introduction from LEO and then proceeded to win it. This opened doors into BT, Telefonica, Vodafone and many more. 

“SafeToNet will ensure 6 million children are protected by the end of 2018” Richard Pursey, CEO, SafeToNet

See the Slideshow of presentation on the day.

See you all at LEO’s next event!

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