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Kite Insights and Leading Edge Only launch the Climate Innovators Network, welcoming The Solar Impulse Foundation Efficient Solutions into their climate innovations portfolio.

Our collective climate challenge calls for an innovative spirit and the means to turn it into concrete solutions. The newly launched Climate Innovators Network and the Solar Impulse Foundation are collaborating to accelerate tangible action to tackle climate change. 

Curated by Kite Insights, a research and strategic engagement agency committed to supporting climate action by businesses, and hosted by Leading Edge Only (LEO), a matchmaking platform for innovators and leading companies, the Climate Innovators Network links corporates committed to leading the green transition with solutions that can support them in meeting their climate commitments. To date, the Network has over 100 vetted climate innovators and experts, with global solutions ranging from AI-based reforestation techniques to novel recycling technologies to accelerate the transition to a net-zero economy. Remaining broad in scope, the network aims to be the leading platform for credible and scalable climate solutions, offering opportunities to scale corporate climate strategies in all sectors of the global economy.

This new ecosystem of climate experts, advisors, and innovators is strengthened by the strategic participation of the Solar Impulse Foundation. Founded by explorer Bertrand Piccard, who famously accomplished the first round-the-world solar-powered flight in 2016, the Solar Impulse Foundation’s mission is to identify 1000 efficient solutions which make economic and environmental sense. To date, it has identified and supported over 800 such solutions. Now, the two groups come together, with the Climate Innovators Network and the Solar Impulse Foundation pledging to share resources and expertise, providing opportunities for innovators to grow and make their unique contribution to the climate crisis. 

This coalition recognises the shared perspectives of these organisations: their understanding of the opportunities, as well as the challenges, of the climate crisis; and the necessary alignment of ecological and economic concerns for corporates committed to climate action.

Scott Sharp, founder of Leading Edge Only explains, “Despite a tremendous amount of existing climate innovation, and the constant evolution of this landscape, there remains little collaboration between innovators themselves and those who are in a position to fund and scale their projects. Our partnership will harness this great opportunity, creating the right conditions for an ecosystem of innovation that is readily accessible for companies and capable of catalysing widespread climate action.”

Sophie Lambin, founder and CEO of Kite Insights, adds, “With our shared values and goals, the Climate Innovators Network and Solar Impulse Foundation commit to sharing our networks of innovators, providing these climate solutions with the opportunity to accelerate corporate climate action through innovation. Many large companies are recognising the opportunities for success that climate action brings; the Climate Innovators Network equips them with the solutions and innovative spirit that will make this possible.”

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation says, “In recent years, the Solar Impulse Foundation has focused on finding, evaluating and labelling hundreds of innovative solutions to the climate crisis through the Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions Label. This new collaboration between the Solar Impulse Foundation and the Climate Innovators Network marks a new step in the adventure: making sure that these solutions are applied at scale to deliver their full potential impact, both economic and environmental."

The Climate Innovation Network can be viewed here:


The Solar Impulse Foundation

Accelerate the adoption of efficient, clean and profitable solutions that reduce our impact on the Planet while promoting economic growth.

Selecting, labeling and promoting innovative, clean and profitable solutions to support political and business decision-makers in their environmental targets is the challenge that Bertrand Piccard has set himself with the Solar Impulse Foundation. The "Portfolio of 1000 Solutions" should enable the adoption of more ambitious environmental and energy policies that protect the environment while creating new jobs and generating profit. A way to take the symbol of the first round-the-world solar flight further and accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy.

Leading Edge Only

Leading Edge Only (LEO), the world’s largest innovation marketplace, connects global organisations with innovators across 120 countries. Taking on the role of corporate ‘innovation matchmaker’, LEO’s core mission is to make innovation accessible and affordable for everyone. LEO represents many of the world’s largest corporations whilst promoting the latest innovations from fast-growth companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs and universities.

Kite Insights

Kite Insights is a research and strategic agency dedicated to shaping the debate on issues that matter. We help organisations articulate and amplify their stance across multiple audiences and platforms while incorporating social impact and responsibility into their broader business strategy. We are committed to mobilising companies and their employees for climate action through our Climate School.

Learn more at

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