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AI tools to scale

The global pandemic has forced many of us to change the way we do things and automation has played a key part. We have developed a no-code, low-cost AI toolkit with 5 tools to help scale effectively and we plan on adding many more. You can sign up for free at

Digital supply chain manager

Reduce the effort of creating and maintaining your supplier relationships with a digital supply

chain management tool based in Dynamics 365.

Social Media Listening Tool

You can measure your brand impact by learning from online conversations and customer interactions.  You will be able to monitor positive and negative feelings around your brand and respond more effectively. Many businesses use social media listening to support the customer service side of social media, but many also use it to find influencers and pick up on trends.

Supercharge Sales Tool

Make sense of customer data, boost sales leads and get actionable insights for your sales team. This tool allows you to improve predictions, recommendations, and decisions in the sales pipeline. It identifies patterns based on past data and makes recommendations as to which deals to go after, and which to drop, based on likely conversions. It even picks up on sentiment in conversation and can highlight which styles to replicate and which to avoid.

FAQ Chatbot Tool

Now even a small business can assist their customers around the clock!

The FAQ Chatbot tool gives the power to customers to answer common queries for themselves quickly and easily. It also frees up time spent on answering the same questions, so you can focus on more complex enquiries. Your chatbot can be set up in minutes, and you can see the time and cost-saving immediately.  

Invoice Processor Tool 

Take back control of processing invoices with automatic flows that increase accuracy and save time.

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