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Boosting Consumer Control With Wi-Fi Thermostat Technology

Sally Perkins , Freelance Writer and Content Manager
22 Jan, 2018
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Sally Perkins, Freelance Writer and Content Manager

According to Scottish Development International, it’s thought that the global market for low carbon heat technologies will skyrocket to £308 billion by 2050. Although it is still decades away, the innovations made in the home heating industry could contract this predicted time span. With more consumers embracing technologies like Wi-Fi thermostats to control their bills, the future may just be a blink away.

Take Control

Learning to control heating in a home is by all terms a simple enough task when done correctly. However, basic thermostat setting errors are being made by at least 60% of people according to research conducted by the Energy Saving Trust. This means that most people are not aware of the detriment that such a lack of consideration is putting on their finances. In a sense, they are literally burning money away, when the resolution is pretty simple. Smart tech thermostatic controls offer consumers reliability when it comes to the use of Wi-Fi thermostats.

Know the Culprits

It is estimated that 25 percent of heat is lost through the roof. Installing 25cm of insulation in the roof can alleviate the problem. Methods of wall insulation, for homes hit hard during the winter, are also available. Check with your energy supplier as to whether they support the installation of insulation, either partially or completely. Blocking out the draft through sealing doors and windows is an added boost to trapping the warmth. Insulating doors and windows before winter properly kicks in, makes all the difference.

Staying ahead using Technology

In addition to the above-mentioned timeless ways of keeping homes insulated, technology has also advanced in recent years, allowing for a myriad of new ways to ensure homes stay warm nests in the cold months. An example of this is geothermal heating. It’s a heat pump that draws on energy from deep within the earth. This energy then gets channeled through a pipe positioned underground which absorbs the energy as heat and then carries it through into the home.

Fireplaces serve not just to provide heat but create a calming, natural ambience. Ventless, wall-mounted fireplaces are a great option. These create heat through burning ethanol biofuel, one of the most eco-friendly options around. They’re not only easy to install but keep homes free from soot, smoke, unpleasant odours, and harmful, toxic gases.

The cold days are here, so gear up and experience an eco-savvy way to staying warm this winter, especially if you decide to apply all or some or the innovative heating gadgets designed to keep more money in your pocket and time in your hands.

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