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Mining digitalization to drive efficiency and safety

The mining world is leaping into a more digitalized future with the understanding that it could help improve the operations' efficiency, productivity, and most importantly people's safety.

Eurotech's solutions are built for the harsh mining environment and to allow the mine manager and executives to get a bird's eye view on the operations, detect and fix inefficiencies, and get real-time precise production and activity data, related to core mining activities.

Any digitalization journey must start with a wireless network. you might have the latest ERP, AI software, or IoT, however without a network, you won't be able to utilize it, get real-time date, control activities, make faster decisions, and transfer valuable production and safety related activity data.

Due to its vitality, in the core of our portfolio is a 1Gb of WIFI network, which enables us to run all of our solutions in underground and in open pit operations, and also to integrate any existing digital solutions.

You might say this network opens the door for your mine's digital future.


In our portfolio are:

-A broadband 1Gb, 4X redundant underground and open pit WIFI network.

-Collision Awareness System (CAS).

-Production and operational data visualization.

-Smart traffic management solution.

-Full two-way IP Communication of voice and video.

-Industrial smart cameras for visual monitoring.

-Cameras with AI and Computer Vision analysis abilities.

-Cameras with AI face recognition abilities.

Integrating some of the newest technologies in mining digitalization, would take your operation to the next level.

It means, wireless communication networks, inefficiencies prevention and personal safety enhancement, because we want to make sure that everyone returns home safely, while the mine optimizes its production capabilities.


Some success stories:

We have been working with HZL-Vedanta in the past 5 years, on several projects in Rampura Agucha Mine and Zawar-Mochia mine.

And about to embark on two more projects, one underground in southern India, and the other, an open pit mine in central Africa.

Our solutions have drastically decreased the number of accidents, delivered a great improvement in the day to day work and productivity, and keep on doing so.

We are proud to say that we are able to save lives and increase efficiency with our clients.


We believe in tailoring our solutions to our clients’ needs. This allows us to provide maximum benefit and create daily value for our clients. 


Want to see it in action at your site?

Contact us for more details and we would be happy to demonstrate our solution.

Eurotech is a tech company with more than 20 years of experience, specializing in mining digitalization and deployment of technological solutions to improve efficiency and safety.

We have worked extensively in India, Israel, Europe, South America and now also Africa.

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