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Early fall of ground detection and warning for underground mining

Neil Badenhorst , To Be Decided
17 Oct, 2022
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The main hardware parts of the system are as follows:

• Electronic Load Indicator (ELI)

The ELI is an electronic sensor device that continuously measures and

monitors tensions. It is installed into the hanging during anchor installation

in the support phase after a blast.

The ELI detects any change in tension and reports to the EMCA.

Functionality summary:

• Electronic Monitoring Cable Anchor (EMCA)

The EMCA is another electronic device that accepts information from the

ELI and relays information to surface for further processing and reporting.

The EMCA forms part of an EMCA wireless mesh network that

automatically forms the network to relay information to surface. The EMCA

also has visible indication in case warnings needs to be issued.

• Closure Monitoring Device (CMD)

This product is a EMCA and ELI together with a Camlock device for re-use

and movability.

Multiple EMCA and ELI pairs are installed every 10 to 20 metres underground or

more frequency if required. Future expansion would include multiple ELI’s to be

connected to one EMCA to expand the area of monitoring using a single EMCA

and thus be more cost effective.

EMCA, ELI and CMD systems are fully battery operated with little maintenance.

Estimated battery life is 2 years following which the batteries are replaced and

recharged. During battery swaps, a backup battery ensures continuous

operation of the system.

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