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The idea of sending thousands of SMS messages to prospects and existing customers is exciting.

The idea of sending thousands of SMS messages to prospects and existing customers is exciting. Thankfully, you do not have to do it manually anywhere. Use the best software and reinforce the digital SMS marketing strategies that are sure to pay rich dividends. Use the multi-pronged approach and have customized texts delivered within minutes to your target. 

You are welcome to choose the right model for SMS marketing in UK that allows you to send the messages directly from your email platform. The process is quite simple and hugely beneficial at the same time. Use advanced technology to convert emails into standardized text messages and send them instantly with a click. You will be pleased to manage all communications effectively without having to juggle multiple technologies and devices simultaneously. 

The email to SMS gateway works via an API or specialized software that receives all emails directed to a particular email ID. The messages are converted into an SMS format and delivered to the intended recipient at the earliest. The text messages are definite to be delivered irrespective of the number of recipients. 

You do not have to worry about the email service you are using either. You can use your email account associated with Outlook, AOL or Gmail, or any other external program to have the message delivered securely. You may opt for third-party software or any other plugin from external sources as well. In other words, any platform that allows you to send emails would be compatible with sending SMS too. 

Thankfully, you do not have to be a tech wiz to use the best SMS platforms or email to SMS options. The benefits that come your way by innovative use of such a simple yet highly effective process is sure to include the following: -

Integration of software- Integrate the platform with the existing system to reach your target audience. The process is seamless ensuring a great open rate and readability. You thus generate a sizable number of leads with each message making it easier for you to convert a majority of them into customers. 

  • Load Sharing- Set up multiple accounts to improve your prospects across all the businesses that you operate at the moment. Utilise a multi-channel marketing platform to expand your reach and keep the existing customers satisfied. 
  • Money Saver- You do not have to incur any additional financial burden by choosing to convert emails to text messages and have them delivered perfectly. The API is integrated seamlessly within the existing system and works from Day 1. There is no additional expense involved for training the staff or buying new software. 
  • Streamlined Services- Using the right SMS API UK stores all data in a single place, streamlining the process. You thus get to access all records instantly with no data loss or breach. 
  • Status Report- You get to find the delivery report within minutes of sending the SMS messages. Establishing a communication channel with the specified prospect becomes easier as the concerned individual is already aware of your business and the products/ services provided by you. 

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