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How Email & SMS Can Be Combined to Enhance Customer Engagement

Text Global
11 Oct, 2021
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For companies that cater to clients directly, there is no reason to dump the humble SMS.

For companies that cater to clients directly, there is no reason to dump the humble SMS. True, the advancement of technology has increased the number of choices you have for marketing your products/services. But you can always use SMS marketing UK to grab the instant attention of the target audience and the existing ones. 

In short, SMS is the handiest tool to reach your customers from any corner of the globe. However, you can always do better by combining SMS and email to bring a difference in your marketing strategies.  

People engaged in marketing research have found that business communications need to be varied to ensure customer satisfaction at all levels. You may thus utilize a multi-channel marketing platform to engage with your customers and help them garner satisfaction from your products/services without exception. 

Do not fail to exploit the power of bulk SMS worldwide to the fullest. Some of the things that you achieve by sending texts, images, and videos over the smartphone include the generation of valuable leads that convert into loyal customers in time. The other reasons not to give text-based messages a miss today include the following:-

Sending Reminders - Sending short, succinct SMs to the customer reminding of an upcoming event or activity can go a long way in ensuring the success of the intended purpose. While it's customary to send emails right after booking or expressing interest, doing it several times in a row may irritate the user. Again, there is always a chance of the prospect failing to show p or buy the concerned product/service because it had slipped out of mind. The best way to send reminders would be an SMS that takes a matter of point with no extra words utilized. 

Alerts - SMS is an ideal way of providing alerts to the existing customer, informing the concerned person about the secure service. The customers are eager to receive such alerts and expect it as an SMS instead of an email. The accompanying beep compels them to open the message and read it instantly, thus serving the purpose. Receiving the alerts helps the customer rest assured that payment has been done or a password changed as per the request. The SMS API gateway you have been using enables you to send repeat alerts programmed at specific intervals. The account information, for instance, is received by the end-user without your intervention.

Marketing - Promoting your products or services does not have to be a time-consuming task anymore. Use bulk text messaging in the UK to achieve your goals without restraint instead. Sending SMS to the target audience, irrespective of their locations can be highly effective. Bulk messaging has high receptive rates, assured open rates, and speedy delivery. Hence, there is hardly any other procedure that promises such outstanding success rates. 

The unique combination of email and SMS can help a brand grow unhindered with text message recipients being pleased to receive a meaningful message that is not spam. 

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