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Hydrogen premix technology has come a long way with miniaturisation, IOT, and AI now built in!

Technological progress in search of efficiency, quality, and speed

ANTISMOG’s hydrogen premix technology has come a long way. Our customers, as well as our customers’ customers benefit greatly from the technological developments that differentiate today’s carbon-cleaning machines from the contraptions of the early days of hydrogen premix. The three innovative concepts pursued by ANTISMOG are

  • Miniaturisation;
  • Additional functionality based on IoT;
  • Built-in and cloud-based AI

Looking at the first ANTISMOG hydrogen machines, even years ago providing dependable carbon-cleaning services for equally trusty old Rolls-Royce engines, it is clear that miniaturisation of all the components of the electrolyser and the auxiliary systems had a great impact on how the equipment is used and services performed.

The always-on connectivity delivered by IoT devices and infrastructure, allows of faster decision-making, more flexible equipment deployment schemes, and fast remote diagnostics and troubleshooting services.

Finally, the AI helps both the local operators in the workshop and the home-based accountants to deliver precise, differentiated value-added services in near real-time. The C-600 uses embedded machine learning tools in combination with cloud-based always-on neural network algorithms, which allows ANTISMOG to remain a few steps ahead of the competition.

About hydrogen premix for preventive maintenance

To quote Safetopia, “preventive maintenance is the systematic maintenance and servicing of machines and facilities so as to provide satisfactory operating conditions. It is achieved through methodical inspection, and finding and correcting developing failures before they actually happen.” Hydrogen premix which includes such latest concepts as miniaturisation, IoT, and AI, makes significant contribution to the preventive maintenance toolbox.


ANTISMOG’s mission to help all city dwellers to breathe easier in the urban environment. We do so by reducing the pollution from existing vehicles and mechanisms. Additionally, ANTISMOG helps motorists spend less on fuel and maintenance, by keeping the internals of the engine and the exhaust in “as new” conditions, with the help of hydrogen premix-based preventive maintenance.

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