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A reality reactive to changes

Next Ingredients was born in 2017 from the observation that market demand and supply are changing with an unknown speed until recent times. The will of the founders was to create a reality reactive to changes that would perpetuate tradition by constantly renewing it.

We are a modern company constantly searching for new ingredients, applications, and innovative combinations to improve product performance. Thanks to our multi-application and transversal skills resulting from experience, we work in different sectors: from food to cosmetics, from pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals to pet food. We are the company with multiple green 'souls'.

Our main ingredients are:

·       Algae

·       Botanical Extracts

·       Fibres

·       Functional Ingredients (antioxidants, collagen, encapsulated actives)

·       Natural Colorants

·       Natural Preservatives

·       Natural Sweeteners

·       Probiotics and Yeasts

·       Plant Proteins

·       Vitamins and Minerals

We are exclusive distributors of several specialties in Italy and South-East Europe:

·       Mafco WordlWide LLC: producer of licorice extracts and pure Glycyrrhiza derivatives (containing MagnaSweet® technology) that can be used in various sectors: from cosmetics to food through nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

·       Polypan: producer of natural preservatives with the Flavomix™ line for food and petfood and the Procaros line for cosmetics.

·       Genosa: producer of Hytolive®, extracted from olives using a 100% natural process. It boasts antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties ideal for the nutraceutical, sports and cosmetics sectors. (On request)

·       Bio-Life Science: producer of astaxanthin, available as ASTAFIT® for nutraceuticals and petfood and as ASTACOS® for cosmetics (in selected countries only).

·       Turval: producer of Pastae Mater, a gluten-free mother yeast powder containing B0399®, a probiotic yeast resistant to most antibiotics, gut friendly and 100% made in Italy.

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