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The AI Security market is set to be a $38.2bn market by 2026 and will be a precursor to moving into the larger market of Orchestration and Workflow, which will be a $212bn market by 2028.

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1. Migration: we provide capacity, throughput metering, automated provisioning, and portability

2. Governance: we work together with global system integrators/partners to build a single hybrid peering exchange model. Aggregate all cloud APIs and renegotiate a single SLA. single-console monitoring and management of data, security, policy, and process implementation. Control and manage a global cloud exchange strategy. Many solutions to engage us with i.e. Multi-Tenancy support Conversational AI as one example.

3. Provisioning: just in time East/West resources and reducing North/South activity regardless of inter-cloud compute stack. Single monitoring and billing interface tracking at point of order, delivery of build, and ready for service with self-service controls. e.g. a single tunnel can automatically scale to 100Gbps across a hybrid infrastructure using only a single core.

4. Security: driving towards a single SLA will close the gaps on hybrid risks. Our hardware and software network points have everything protected on random self-certified encrypted fully homomorphic layers, removing DevOps deployment bad security practices and risks. Making everything more visible, automated controls, and transport optimisations. I.e., standard encryption between cloud interconnects. Utilising our AI security to visualise and realise data lake investments.

5. Compliance: we can implement a global strategy to scale up policies in line with the single intracloud SLA. We just need to make sure the providers we use have the necessary certifications and policies that comply with the appropriate regulations applicable to the service workloads and data.. the service provider and its varying customer departments and varying data access levels all need to be trained and coached on how their cloud activities correlate to business or organisational outcomes.

6. Costs: forecasting, provisioning, governance needs to be brought together to drive out hidden inefficiencies. We can assist with real-time visibility but will need a global support center partner to manage customers change requirements to control dynamic costs with its new self-service. Anomaly mapping with network visibility is a trillion-dollar market.

“Demand for strategic cloud service outcomes signals an organizational shift toward digital business outcomes. The expectations of the outcomes associated with cloud investments, therefore, are also higher,” said Sid Nag, VP of Research at Gartner.
“Our PXC library allows seamless virtual networks to be created with no agents across layer 1 through Layer 7, cascading micro-segmented rules to micro-segmented networks operating within networks enabling Application layers and Physical layers to interoperate within its own silos undetected”
James Tervit EWI Tech Ltd

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