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Must-Use Tips for Bulk SMS Marketing

Text Global
10 Jun, 2021
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The digital marketers of today are aware of several positives and know how to reach their target audience.

The digital marketers of today are aware of several positives and know how to reach their target audience. While advanced technology often comes to their aid, using simple text on their mobile/smartphones works wonders. Sure, you can always reach out to the global prospects by harnessing the power of a quality multi-channel marketing platform but you need to be observant and experienced in the proper procedure of bulk SMS marketing while trying to elicit the preferred response from the individual at the other end of the phone. 

Automation and speedy delivery are all very fair but you may have to concentrate on the content too. Check out the dos and don’ts below to maximize the returns even when you decide to go a step further and utilize a bulk SMS provider the UK. 

  • Content length- Make sure that the final content you aspire to send remains small with limited words and characters. Sending an informational text is essential with the existing client being kept satisfied by timely delivery of booking orders, upcoming offers, or updating their status. It is mandatory to send a short and crisp message where the meaning is obvious to the recipient immediately. You are welcome to use attachments with the help of API integration but remember to keep the core message succinct and to the point. 
  • Call to Action- You would love to get an instant reply to the message, right. Well sending and receiving messages is simple enough when you use the best SMS platforms. Do not neglect to include a clear call to action within the text that you are sending to a client or prospect. This is sure to nudge the concerned person in the right direction. There is no dearth of successful CTAs, however. You may ask them to share a code when buying the next product/service or ask them to share their experience with your product with their friends/family members. 
  • Saying No- You want to convert all your prospects into loyal customers but the reality is different. Do not try to coax a prospect into buying something that will regret later. Be agreeable when any one of the target audience changes his / her mind. Send a thank you text instead and part on good terms. This kind of behaviour makes excellent business sense. You may be surprised on receiving a proposal for buying the product later on by receiving an answer to one of the bulk SMS sent earlier. 
  • Keeping Track- You have the option of using email to SMS gateway by integrating the API into your application, website, or system. Do not lose the opportunity of tracking the marketing campaigns and analyzing the reports to understand the success rate. Learning from your mistakes is an excellent way of succeeding the next time. Make use of the technology and further your business steadily. 
  • Conversation Style- SMS text marketing can help you to open a conversation with a prospect located in another part of the country. You can manage to connect with your targets from the limited space of your own office and get the replies within minutes. You can also inspire them and persuade them gently to buy the products/services. All of this can be done with a single text instead of holding long conversations or chat sessions on social media. You may utilize SMS marketing UK to personalize the message too. Add the name and other customer-centric details to the text to create a powerful impact. 

It is important to follow the best practices while trying to make an SMS text marketing campaign work perfectly. 

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