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The mobile container laboratory has unlimited expansion and meets the various needs of experimental purposes. It can be moved, relocated and recycled as requirements. The laboratory application can be fully running within a few hours after arriving at the site.

The mobile container laboratory of Qingdao Decent Group is modified with iso shipping containers. The weathering steel and special anti-rust paint used in the container have outstanding corrosion resistance. Thereby increasing the service life of the mobile container laboratory.

The container laboratory is sturdy and durable. It can withstand magnitude 10 strong winds and magnitude 8 earthquakes. The safety rate is twice that of traditional buildings. And the mobile container laboratory is completely insulated and suitable for operation under all extreme climatic conditions.

The modular labs design concept is plug and play. Our containerized laboratory for mineral testing adopts a modular design. It has unlimited expansion and meets the needs of various experimental purposes.

The lab space is reasonably optimized through careful design. The mobile container laboratory includes all necessary testing equipment, compressed air, lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, and dust removal systems. The entire laboratory testing environment is comfortable and safe.

Our pre-made degree of the mobile container mineral laboratory reaches more than 90%. Compared with the traditional construction method, it reduces construction and decoration waste by about 99%. The laboratory can be moved and relocated according to business requirements, and it can also be recycled. The mobile laboratory application can be fully running within a few hours after arriving at the site.

Therefore, the mobile labs can be used in mine exploration projects, pre-screening samples, or used in mining field laboratories. Compared with traditional modular buildings, it may save millions of dollars in transportation and construction costs.


Low Cost: Minimal setup time within hours reducing analysis and setup costs.

Fully Transportable & Simple Transportation: Engineered from standard 20ft or 40ft sea containers which are fully certified to meet international shipping requirements and can be handled as simple and inexpensive as standard shipping container haulage and easily transported to any destination.

Complete Protection: The mobile containerized laboratory is fully self-contained and insulated to withstand even the harshest of climates and provide a comfortable and controlled environment to operators.

High Customization: Our laboratory specialist and expert team and in-house laboratory experienced staff are able to assist with all facets of mobile laboratory design including client-specific requirements. On-site commissioning and training services are also available.

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