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Mind analytics and influencing in the practice of control with manipulation in human behaviour.

What comes to mind when I suggest, manipulation and influencing. "hidden agenda, material gain and controlling behaviour. It's often considered to be a negative attribute and characteristic of an individual with traits closely related to sociopathic disorder. Now, I'm not accusing anyone of this disordered, neither am' I qualified to do so, But we have all done it at some point whether it was intentional or in the name of a good cause. I ask you to imagine if such manipulative abilities could be applicated to "ones" own mind and thought processes, "self manipulation as a practice of self awareness and the individual understanding and relationship with the world they live in. Call it meditation if you would like, but my experience in adopting a type of mental acuity, patients and memory performance, knowing how best to respond when communicating with others when comments are made and a person specific response is required in a way that compliments the relationship between one another. Although, I'm aware this is not revolutionary or a superhuman ability. The explanation gives example to manipulative behaviours, That I have learnt in the correct circumstances can be utilized to encourage positive changes in receptive individuals for better and more sustained outcomes for those suffering with mental health difficulties and undergoing psychological treatment. This is only a rudimental explanation of a communicative idea, but I'm convinced it has application and validity that deserves further exploration/development.

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