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Our team of experts at Nebuli was invited to review the UK Government's proposed regulatory frameworks policies, following our previous engagements with their Office for AI (Department for Science, Innovation & Technology) for their National AI Strategy. What you need to do now.

From the point of view of an independent AI research and solutions studio (i.e. no VCs or affiliations), it is becoming more apparent to us that the current AI landscape is being driven very aggressively by the investment community, rather than the business community led by science and technology innovators, ethicists and business leaders. This is a concern because we are seeing AI models being rushed into the market with inadequate privacy and safety standards.

This is one of the key reasons Nebuli was formed in 2019 because we are strongly against this hysterical AI rush, which does not only harm humanity but the quality of AI systems themselves.

We were invited by the UK government's Office for AI to review their white paper discussing the government's proposed regulatory framework for responsible AI.

We generally welcome the fact that the UK government is taking proactive action to ensure that the AI market does not morph into an out-of-control wild west. I'm very happy to see that their whitepaper provided an emphasis on responsible AI and safe deployments of AI systems.

However, the efficacy of these proposals will not materialise anytime soon. Below is the link to my full review of the white paper and the recommendations my team submitted to further enhance the framework.

You can take action now with your AI deployment

The key point I wish to make and invite all enterprises to consider is that you do not need to wait for regulations to emerge in order for your team to start planning and deploying AI responsibly today. What we advised the government is what you can implement right now! If you need help with advice and infrastructure, get in touch at: or send us are DM here in LEO.

Full Review:

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