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Starting your Career - 3 Tips to Stand out from the Crowd

Leading Edge Only
23 Jun, 2017
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Jayden Halliday, Head of Operations, Leading Edge Only

With 8.6 million people in London, it can be hard to make a name for yourself when starting out your career. I made the move from Australia to London in order to differentiate myself in the Australian market. Now I find myself living and working in the U.K, I thought I had been given one of those “lucky breaks” in my career, but in reality, anyone can find their lucky break if they follow these simple 3 tips.

Tip #1 Presentation

It’s still true, people judge you on your first impressions. Therefore, how you present yourself is crucial to your personal brand. This doesn't mean spending loads of money, it just means making an effort.

Wear professional and ironed clothes, keep your hair neat and tidy and smile. When you speak to people, be engaged, attentive, listen and remember the small details.

These small changes are the difference between those that are noticed and those that aren’t.

Tip #2 Network and Communities

An online presence is crucial in this day and age. But it’s just as important to make sure it’s about quality, not quantity. Create a LinkedIn profile, fill out information in detail, engage on a daily basis and keep it updated. Further to this, join communities that are relevant to your industry and interests. Just be aware that any online presence is a direct reflection of the person you are, so set anything social to private settings and be professional in anything related to work.

Tip #3 Travel

I often get comments about my age, people constantly assume I am older than I am. That is because in my time off, I have always taken the opportunity to travel and experience the wonders of the world. Through this I have learnt a lot about myself and come across more confident because I know what I want in life and go for it.

People often forget about the small things when starting out your career but they can make the world of difference. You just have to make the effort!

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