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Waste is a Viable Resource

Facing the prospect of 300 new battery minerals mines in the next 10 years to keep pace with demand, (refer attached article) it is clear the rapidly evolving "energy for transport" landscape has inspired a diverse range of solutions.  

Important as we consider the options, to consider the total cost of technology to deliver these solutions, cradle to grave and the long-term societal/enviro impact of the choices we make.  

The future challenges for recovery/recycling need to be as squarely on the radar, as our thirst to find battery and power gen solutions that deliver a sustainable option.  

I trust that future generations respect this generation for its wisdom in finding the right solution, not just the solution that got the most corporate backing and marketing and the jump on the technology.  

We should challenge the question around building more mines and more battery solutions and to think differently around sustainable energy solutions for transport.  Renewable technologies such as thermochemical gasification of waste find a fit in many circular economic contexts.

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