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So accurate, it makes GPS look ancient — Let us tell you about it...

The new GPS. Naurt is software that offers 150X improvement in tracking accuracy, i.e. can work out which pocket your phone is in. We don't want to disrupt the logistics, transport and autonomous agent markets. Our goal is to enable companies in that space to disrupt their market by using Naurt. Naurt is a mid-market tool at the enterprise level and soon will be a SaaS platform. We anticipate corporates or developers will use Naurt within their applications and use cases. Operating as a subscription or on a usage basis, we will enable the next generation of tracking, becoming the new GPS.

The software can connect to any hardware, self-driving car, drone, smartphone robotics, factory robotics, 3D printers for buildings etc. Soon will be able to track objects as well with our chipsets like parcels, shipping containers, equipment, construction equipment, fire and rescue people. 

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