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Quick Swaps this Christmas

Christmas is a busy time for everyone, but what impact are our festive habits having on the planet!?

This Christmas you can make some quick swaps to make the earth a better place.

Let’s start with the all-important wrapping paper!

Choosing the best pattern and quality from hundreds of rolls in the supermarket is nothing new to us, but has it every crossed your mind that there are even more options in the ‘sustainable packaging’ world?

There's Eco-friendly Wrapping Paper by Zing Wrap designs 

Zing Wrap Designs have an extensive range of eco-friendly papers which are 100% recyclable. They also sell greeting cards and paper tape, which can be bought individually or in bundles.

Want something less single-use? Why not Fabric Wrapping Paper by The Fabric Wrapping Co 

This company creates stylish, reusable gift wrapping in gorgeous fabrics. The fabric can be used wrap-with, reuse or wear, the gift that keeps on giving. Their mission is to change the way people wrap and they have a huge range of Christmassy colours for you to get started with!

Aiming to make your gifts extra special this year?

Why not wrap the gift itself in Eco-friendly ribbon by The SavvySquirrel (Etsy) 

Why not grab yourself some eco-friendly ribbon? The SavvySquirrel on Etsy creates tonnes of sustainable ribbons, gift bags, stickers and more!

What about Christmas cards?

It is estimated that a billion Christmas cards are sent each year! And that's just in the UK! Most people chuck out their cards at the end of the season contributing to tonnes of waste.

But hey presto! There are sustainable solutions for this too.

Plantable Christmas Cards by The Seed Card Company

The Seed Card Company make cards with natural resources that are plantable, growing into beautiful flowers, to give back to the planet and bring colour to your garden. Additionally, e-cards are a great alternative to save-paper but still show that you care, such as those by Greenvelope

So You've got the wrapping paper and the Cards, what about actual gifts?

Now, there is no point talking about wrapping gifts if we have nothing to wrap! Sustainable products make great gifts for all members of the family!

Twipes by Twipes!

Twipes create fully flushable and truly biodegradable wet wipes. These toilet wipes dissolve in water in 3 hours and biodegrade in landfill in just 7 days. They can be used for taking off make-up, freshening up on the go, and are tested and safe for babies and pets. With the new ban on plastic-wet wipes coming into play, these are the perfect gift this Christmas!

Lunch Boxes by Huski

Huski are a fully sustainable company that utilise natural waste such as rice and coconut husks to create their products. The company was started by a family conscious of the amount of plastic they were using, who put sustainability at the top of their priority list. Not only do they make lunch-boxes but they also sell straws, cups, bowels, kitchen utensils and more!

The Living Composter by Uncommon Goods

Uncommon goods sell a range of products that are unique and eye-catching.

One of which is the on-the-counter, odourless, biomorphic composter that turns food-scraps into fabulous fertilizer! The product is made from cork and recycled plastic and can process over two pounds of food a week, which is enough to keep up with most of the scraps in a two or three person household. 

The Bee barrel by Wildlife World

Wildlife world is an independent company who create sustainable products for our gardens and the environment. By buying from Wildlife World, you will support a huge range of environmental and wildlife projects. The gift of a Bee Barrel connects you to the natural environment. Hang the bee barrel in the garden and watch as the holes fill up with baby bees during the summer months, then hold tight until the following Spring to see the new adult bees emerge.

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Shopping & Sharing!

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