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AI toolkit to accelerate

We've written previously about how there are opportunities to integrate AI into people's work day to make things more accessible, uncover trends, and be more productive. Before, many of them were kind of in the "nice to have" but as more businesses are trying to work from home things like accessible meetings are now imperative.

Many of these tools cost nothing or just a little bit of cash per person.

  • Accessible meetings Working from home for the first time, coping with kids or distractions at home, and more means effective meeting scheduling, live captioning, and recording/transcripting for later is important for making this time easier.
  • FAQ chatbots Right now you might have A LOT of inbound queries about COVID19 and fewer staff than usual. Using an FAQ chatbot allows you to scale your customer service staff and help your customers more quickly.
  • Intelligent Insights Using tools that help people make decisions faster right now is important. People have less time and still need to try keep managing the Business As Usual workload.
  • Knowledge Worker Productivity Understanding collaboration networks in your company helps better plan for situations where some of your employees will be unable to work as you can identify interactions or groups that aren't strictly aligned to the organisation chart.
  • Social Listening Your employees, your customers, and your local area are all under stress due to COVID19 and events are rapidly evolving. Help your marketing staff keep up with customer engagement and help business operations planners get the right up to the minute information by implementing some social listening.
  • Sales AI Prospecting right now can look tacky. Focusing on only your highest priority leads, tailoring communications effectively, and better predicting your dealflow over coming months is important for maintaining some throughput whilst avoiding reputation damage.

Normally, our single guide to these 7 quick wins is behind a data-wall but I'm including the PDF link here so you can grab it for offline reading.

7 Quick-win AI Project Full Guide

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