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It is a $30 billion market. I am looking for a better introduction to CEOs.

I tried to license my patents myself. Alone I cannot get the CEOs’ attention. The patents will expire in 20 years. I am looking for an association with investors who can help me penetrate this market as fast as possible.

Example: Artificial Intelligence applied to trucks. Today, driving a truck is to keep jumping up and downs between 16 different gear ratios. The patents can eliminate switching gears altogether. A.I. has better things to do than switching gears.

Step 1: Licensing a few manufacturers

Step 2: The new company can license manufacturers and finance their expansion

Step 2: Manufacturing. The new company can develop many different designs for many different applications. It would dominate the market.

Step 4: Expansion outside the US.

I have a holding Co, an LLC company and a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) for India. 

More details at:

Albert Six

[email protected]

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