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The sexiest immersive & interactive solution in the Media & Entertainment Business

Watch AI Streaming Video, Sports, eSports, Music, Concerts, Events & Shows Together with #Friends & #Family!

We have successfully introduced #Remote #Entertainment and #Shop #Together, with friends and family. We have solved this problem with integrated video-first streaming and video conferencing. We combine this amazing combo with easy-to-use HTML5 embeddable content-sharing capability.

👁️ This can and will bring people together in a more private and secure settings. We are talking about Data Clean Rooms, feature packed. 👁️

Our immersive and interactive solution iDMR - interactive Digital Media Rooms is designed to get the attention of customers in social formats - "Watch and Shop together" with friends and family, and put your products and services at the front of their eyes and minds, including Call To Actions, iCPT interactive Cost Per Time with guaranteed eyeball, time spent and content share, delivering the best advertising, including digital assets connected to shopping cart and payment gateway.

Unleash the $19 Trillion Media Potential with #CleanRooms. The most powerful FIRST PARTY DATA, powered by AI Biometrics followed by The Most Advanced Data Clean Rooms.

✔️ interactive Over The Top and Watch Together with friends and family,

✔️ A revolutionary approach to video content offering and delivery,

✔️ Transforming Sports, Media and Entertainment,

✔️ New sources of Revenue and Monetization up to 10x,

✔️ Real-Time iOTT provide privacy and security which are of paramount importance as organizations broadcast, communicate, and collaborate.


Enrique Mesones

[email protected]

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