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In today's multi-media world, video content is practically a necessity. A growing number of shoppers rely on video content to help them make product and service selections and learn about key features.

In today's multi-media world, video content is practically a necessity. A growing number of shoppers rely on video content to help them make product and service selections and learn about key features.

As a result, 87% of businesses have already adopted video marketing as a strategy. The COVID-19 pandemic has only increased this number, and the market demand for video content will continue to grow as businesses of all sizes and industries realise the benefits it brings.

Video has a significant role to play in driving traffic and increasing revenue, but why? Video content's accessibility, educational potential, and ability to captivate viewers are key factors.

Video Is Widely Accessible

As a society, we are bombarded with so many competing demands for our time and attention. We are constantly bombarded with content and images from social media articles to media campaigns across all media. Video, on the other hand, is the most user-friendly medium out there.

There's a good reason why everyone wants video. It's possible to tell the kinds of stories and share the information that marketers need to ensure customer success in video format. Video is worth a million times more than a picture.

Anyone who has tried to learn a new skill or hobby can attest to the power of video content. In order to effectively convey information, effective video removes jargon and technical communication difficulties. Audiences with physical impairments should be considered when creating captions and transcripts.

If you want to succeed in content marketing, don't overlook the importance of video. Aerial footage, including drone shots, is now more readily available than ever before, thanks to the ubiquity of video content. Consider using these resources to create the most innovative content possible. This doesn’t mean you need to handle all aspects of the video production process yourself. You can always hire a company to do it for you, or just parts of it, and save money on equipment and studios.

Video Adds Value

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from video content. This is a medium you cannot afford to ignore in your own business, as 9 out of 10 of marketers say they have gained a new customer because of a video. Know your target market, make a strategy, and then craft a compelling story to use as a promotional video.

Even in these troubled economic times, video can be a lifesaver. During the downturn brought on by COVID-19, Denver-based Image Audiovisuals expanded its product line to include meeting capture and on-demand content for businesses. Because of this, they were able to contribute to the company's success even as they were struggling.

Video can be used in a variety of ways to boost the value of a company. It has been found that videos have 12 times the number of social media shares as text and image content combined, according to video production expert Sarah Fisher. In order to reach a larger audience, marketers are increasingly turning to video content.

Use video content to rethink how you do business. It doesn't matter if you want to use video to supplement your SEO strategy or to create a YouTube channel to educate a potential audience about your product, video can boost business value like nothing else.

Video Tells a Story

Finally, video is essential because it can effectively convey a narrative. This type of marketing is effective because it allows businesses to convey feelings and answer the fundamental questions surrounding the marketing of products and services. People are more likely to buy when they can empathise with the characters in stories. Marketing and consumer behaviour are changing because of storytelling.

Storytelling is essential to conveying the value of a product or service to an audience. Businesses can build video content that connects with consumers on an emotional level. Because of this, you'll be able to generate a level of loyalty and return that you couldn't otherwise achieve.

Storytelling has been shown to be more powerful and understandable than statistics. Businesses can take advantage of any economic climate by combining the two in high-quality video content.

Video Boosts Sales

When it comes to shopping, nearly half of all internet users search for videos about a product or service before heading out to the store.

Marketers who made use of video production saw a 49 per cent increase in revenue over those who did not.

A video on your homepage can boost conversions by as much as 20% or more, according to research.

Video has a way of making you feel more confident and excited: 39 per cent of executives who have viewed a marketing video on a marketer's website have contacted them afterward.

In general, people are more likely to become interested in and convert as a result of watching a video than any other medium.

The Bottom Line

Using video to tell stories about a company's products and services is a great way to showcase a company's strengths. There's no better medium for telling a story than video. It's the perfect way to showcase your products and services while also educating potential customers about what you have to offer.

With the help of a video gallery integrated into your YouTube channel or your website, you can expand your customer base. Incorporate video into your content strategy in a way that considers your audience as people, not a number. The result is a marketing strategy that can help you grow your business and increase profits.

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