Case Studies

Dive into some of our recent case studies.

Sourcing New Solutions for Kerry Taste and Nutrition

Executive Summary

Kerry Taste and Nutrition commissioned Leading Edge Only to create their own Innovation Network to source new solutions. They wanted to improve the following areas:

1. Novel probiotic / prebiotic compounds

2. Novel Clean label ingredients / compounds

3. New sources/forms of protein for nutrition or meat free applications

The Outcome

Many introductions have been made through Kerry Taste & Nutrition's Network on the LEO platform and they are looking to partner with a number of these, with the aim to deliver new products to market.


“LEO has connected us with innovators that we will partner with to potentially launch new products. It has also expanded our network and connectivity to start-ups which we believe will help us in future.”

Karl O’Donovan, Global R,D&A Director, Kerry Taste and Nutrition

Sourcing New Solutions for Klabin

Executive Summary

Klabin engaged Leading Edge Only (LEO) to identify solution providers and insight into “Application Cases For Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC)”. Klabin wanted to amplify routes to work with CNC, creating new roads to incorporate CNC in end products.

The Outcome

Klabin ran their Challenge on LEO over a 3 month period. In that time, the LEO team sourced a total of 7 applications for Klabin, 4 of which were new solutions and 3 were experts. From the 7 applications received, 5 lead to a discussion, and Klabin have signed NDAs with 3 of the applicants.


“Its very hard to find people researching deep tech regarding cellulose materials, however, Leading Edge Only did a great job in helping us find a good number of interesting applicants in this area.”

Willian Nascimento Jacintho, Innovation Researcher, Klabin

Sourcing New Solutions for Tarmac

Executive Summary

Tarmac commissioned Leading Edge Only to create their own Innovation Network to source new solutions to capture and reduce carbon from their operations. They were seeking partners to accelerate their journey to achieving net Zero Carbon, focussing on 2 key areas:

1. Cutting carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible

2. Capturing and storing or ‘offsetting’ emissions that can’t be eliminated

The Outcome

In the space of 6 weeks, LEO sourced 201 solutions for Tarmac. These solutions were then funnelled into three categories which included solutions for development, solutions for partnership and solutions for database.


"LEO successfully introduced us to an array of solutions that have inspired many introductions within the company and have contributed to our goal of net Zero Carbon."

Richard Frost, Head of Sustainability Innovation and Risk, CRH

Sourcing New Solutions for Tata Steel

Executive Summary

Tata Steel commissioned Leading Edge Only to create their own Innovation Network to source new solutions. They wanted to improve the following areas:

1. Easier to Open Steel-Cans

2. Next Generation Insulation for Construction

3. Innovative Connectors for Steel Enabled Construction

4. Protective Coatings for Steel Strip

The Outcome

LEO successfully introduced 5 relevant companies to Tata Steel over the Network Challenge period. They have since invited one to join in a UK Government grant scheme in order to continue the relationship. The remainder of the innovators are still in conversation to bring to a commercial deal.


“Leading Edge Only have provided relevant insight into a number of our high-level manufacturing challenges which have led to several successful conversations and partnerships.”

Pete Longdon, Manager, New Technology and Innovation, Tata Steel

Sourcing New Solutions for Virgin Atlantic

Executive Summary

Virgin Atlantic commissioned Leading Edge Only to create their own Innovation Network to source new solutions. They wanted to improve the following areas:

1. Customer experience for business travellers

2. Customer experience for families

3. Bring the excitement back to air travel for leisure passengers

The Outcome

Virgin Atlantic's Challenge was posted on the LEO platform for 3 months. In that time, the LEO team sourced 35 new solutions and 15 experts for them.


“We are delighted with the service we received from Leading Edge Only. It was a challenging brief, but they found a number of innovative solutions that we were unaware of, and which we believe could add additional value for our customer.” 

Matt Webster, Senior Customer Experience Manager, Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Sourcing New Solutions for Waitrose & Partners

Executive Summary

Waitrose & Partners commissioned Leading Edge Only to create their own Innovation Network to source new solutions. They wanted to improve the following areas:

1. Customer Service Management

2. Retail Services Management

3. Customer Checkout Management

4. Stock Management

5. Partner Lifecycle Management and more

The Outcome

Leading Edge Only worked with Waitrose & Partners on a 12-month Premium license. LEO sourced a total of 55 solutions, arranged 9 innovators to pitch their ideas which led to 3 proposals and 2 shop implementation tests.


“Leading Edge Only provided Waitrose & Partners with a constant stream of relevant innovations across several key areas of our innovation strategy. In total we invited 9 innovators to pitch, resulting in 3 proposals and 2 shop tests being arranged. We are very much looking forward to our second year with LEO and the continued results!”

Stuart Eames, Retail Innovation Lead, Waitrose & Partners