LEO Corporate Innovation Programs

Leading Edge Only offers a range of Corporate Innovation Programs creating opportunities for major corporations, consultancies and other organisations eager for growth through innovation.

  • Source leading edge innovations with a dedicated independent global innovation platform
  • Get far greater access to a network of organisations, institutions and innovations from a wide diversity of providers and sectors
  • Ensure more innovations are delivered, managed and evaluated in less time and work specific to your needs
  • Capture key sources of innovation outside your company
  • Discover and view ideas before your competitors

Corporate Innovation Communities

LEO’s managed platform allows your organisation to have its own dedicated Innovation Community to generate a constant flow of innovative solutions. Your community will provide your organisation with far greater access to new innovative technologies, products and services at minimal cost and time investment.

  • Proactively cultivate a constant stream of innovations relevant to your current needs
  • Innovations sourced, managed and evaluated at a frequency chosen by you
  • Update and amend time scale, volume and frequency of sourced innovations at any time
  • Ongoing data to measure market interest and engagement levels for each innovation


Automatic Innovation Alerts functionSME Vetting, Curation and Management

LEO's VCM program ensures your organisation continues to maintain ongoing contact with the innovators of the future by giving you far greater access to the next level of developments of innovative technologies, products and services in the coming 12 months.

  • Vetting the relevance of new innovation solution providers
  • Submission of relevant innovations funnelled direct to your organisation
  • Don’t lose the innovations of the future – LEO maintains regular contact with innovation providers on your behalf
  • LEO continues to measure the viewing levels of each innovation with recommendations to re-engage when appropriate



Innovation Challenge programInnovation Challenges


Innovation Challenges are promoted on the LEO Innovation Marketplace to source potential solutions to innovation needs.

  • Post your Innovation Challenges on the LEO Innovation Marketplace, under your corporate name or anonymised
  • Each of your Innovation Challenges will have their own dedicated page and can remain on the platform for any time period decided by you
  • All responses are vetted and all relevant solutions, including details of the innovations, innovators’ names and contact details are reported


Global Innovation Search programGlobal Innovation Searches


Our Global Innovation Searches research, find and report on the people and organisations providing the latest solutions, technologies, products and innovations to meet your innovation needs.

  • Global Innovation Search of more than 200,000 innovation companies, SMEs, Universities and other organisations
  • Innovation Challenge marketed to registered Innovation Providers
  • Dedicated Innovation Challenge page on LEO Innovation Marketplace
  • Full report on all solution providers



Innovation Challenge programInnovation Competitions


LEO will identify and source innovation providers who can provide the solutions you seek to ensure you have a meaningful and relevant Innovation Competition.

  • Find you the providers of the latest innovations specific to your requirements
  • Evaluate and shortlist the best candidates applicable to your competition
  • Present to you the details of each candidate and their solution


In-house Innovation Creation


Qualitative discussions enables up to 1,000 employees to co-create ideas and give quantitative / qualitative input or feedback on internal innovation needs online.

  • Online system that enables 10 to 1,000 people to enter in an online discussion and share their opinions and ideas and to score those of others participants
  • Mutual weighting and actionable list of ideas the group agrees on
  • Applied to get feedback or contribution to internal innovation needs or development requirements



For More Information


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