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Better control of product - reduced inspection downtime

World leading ultrasonic inspection solution providing unique advantages over conventional ultrasonic inspection techniques


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Advanced Materials, Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Civil Engineering, Energy, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Transportation

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Manufacturing & Production, Operations, Legal & Compliance, Research, Transportation

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Our world leading ultrasonic inspection solutions provides unique advantages over conventional ultrasonic inspection techniques and allows non-contact ultrasonic inspection of metals and metal-coated materials. This provides a far better quality control of product, reduced inspection downtime and added value due to improved characterisation.  

  • Non-contact ultrasonic inspection of metals and metal coated materials.
  • This provides unique advantages over conventional ultrasonic inspection techniques.
  • Can be used to inspect hot or moving surfaces
  • Can operate through surface layers of insulation or corrosion
  • Can open up new production-line product inspection techniques, reducing wastage and adding value to product as it is better characterised than currently available
  • Plant inspection and maintenance costs and downtime can also be reduced
  • Long-range guided wave inspection and remote condition monitoring solutions are also possible


Due to the commercially competitive nature of the systems we develop, our major clients do not wish to be identified at this time. We will update this entry should permission become available.


Established in 2005 by two physicists to commercialise the ultrasonic NDT technologies coming out of applied physics research at the University of Warwick.

Since that time we have successfully expanded, developed our own range of off-the-shelf products for common applications and worked with a wide variety of companies all over the world on development of novel non-destructive testing and inspection techniques.

In addition to our main strength of electromagnetic acoustic transducers (EMATs), we have access to considerable expertise in other related NDT fields such as conventional (piezoelectric) ultrasonics, eddy current methods, magnetic sensors, laser-ultrasonic systems and thermography.

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