Mobile Onsite Reporting App

A cost effective solution to mobile data gathering

Versatile software with endless applications! TIM’s easy to use mobile reporting app will significantly reduce the time it takes to produce reports, and surveys on-site.


Company Name

The Inspection Manager, mobile data gathering

Reference Number 1526

Market Sectors:

Civil Engineering, Engineering, Health and Safety, Multi-Sector

Operational Areas

Administration, Environment, Health & Safety, Management, Manufacturing & Production, Operations, Purchasing, Training, Transportation

Commercial Solutions

Ensure Compliance
Improve Customer Care
Improve the Environment
Increase Efficiency
Increase Revenues
Increase Security
Mitigate Risk
Reduce Cost

Commercial Opportunities

Seeking Alliance, Seeking Collaboration, Seeking Distribution

Speed to Market


The use of mobile onsite reporting applications is revolutionising the way businesses work, innovative software developments are changing the way site data is collected, formatted and delivered to clients.

TIM 'the Inspection Manager's tablet /smart phone surveying app provides businesses with an alternative to hand written or voice dictated report gathering, using Android, IOS iPad / iPhone, and Windows8 based software, downloaded as an app  (search for ‘the inspection manager’) 

Traditionally reports are completed onsite using a voice recorder, or hand written notes, attaching photographs taken separately using a digital camera, this creates duplication when returning to an office environment to re-assemble text files, add images, and convert the elements into a standard reporting format, in effect creating the report twice.

The Inspection Manager - easy to use mobile surveying ‘app’, has been specifically developed to improve productivity and efficiency by eliminating duplication and provides businesses with a cost effective solution to mobile data collection for teams working in:

Construction, Asset Management, Civil Engineering, Property Management, Insurance, Utilities sectors.

The templates are designed specific to each client’s reporting requirements, from simple pre-site forms, asset tracking, snag lists, health/safety surveys, site inspections, risk assessments, audits, and commercial asset documents – that allows clients to produce reports in less than 50% of the time it previously took using conventional data gathering methods.

The data-rich nature of the reports records the information in real time using tablets or smart phones, including geo-coded tags (location co-ordinates) and date/time stamped photos giving clear, unambiguous references to the data recorded.

Intelligent mobile data gathering.

With a simple, intuitive, and easy to use interface to complete the surveys, that includes, single/multiple choice answer selection, alphanumeric, numeric calculations, digital signatures, sketch over drawings, date/time stamped photos, GPS location coordinates, voice recognition (with a data/sim card)

As compliance is a key driver for many businesses, the templates are designed to include all the regulatory health/ safety, and compliance i.e. photo prompts, mandatory questions, and signature capture.

We offer a cloud-based service that can be delivered on a monthly subscription using the ‘Software as a Service’ model (SaaS) or the second option is to purchase a licensed version of The Inspection Manager software, installed and hosted onto your own servers, giving you full control of where and how the data is stored, with direct access to the SQL database.

Key Benefits

  • Streamline the way site teams capture, collect, and deliver the site information
  • Produce forms, surveys, audits, reports, and site inspections in real time, increasing efficiency and productivity by 50%
  • Receive the reports within minutes in PDF, CSV, or XML format for sharing with clients/colleagues
  • Win more clients by delivering the surveys faster as there is no admin work back at the office
  • Improve and standardize the quality of the reports your clients receive
  • Fully customisable reporting templates with logos and branding
  • Available on Android tablets and smart phones, iPads/iPhones, and windows 8


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