Measure Innovation Capability

Innovation Performance: Critical Drivers of Success

New report explores what drives innovation performance and provides benchmarks for companies to measure their internal innovation capabilities.


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Stage-Gate International

Reference Number 1589

Market Sectors:

Education, Multi-Sector

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Finance, Manufacturing & Production, Operations, Research, Sales & Marketing

Commercial Solutions

Increase Efficiency
Increase Revenues
Mitigate Risk
Reduce Cost

Speed to Market


"Innovation Performance: Critical Drivers of Success" establishes new benchmarks for companies to measure their internal innovation capabilities based on the practices at 200+ companies. The report released in September 2014, is the result of the latest research conducted by Stage-Gate International and APQC. It explores the four drivers of innovation performance that comprise the Innovation Performance Framework™: Product Innovation Strategy; Portfolio Management Process; Idea-to-Launch Process; and Culture and Leadership. Results are broken down by top, average and bottom performers which allow companies to self-assess their Innovation Programs based on 6 key performance metrics and 25 practices approaches. More information about this new downloadable report is available at the above link.


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