AI Guideline Implementation

AI rendering of relevant guideline items in context

Increased compliance with guidelines - by using prescriptive analytics to render relevant guideline items in context at the point of decision making


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Reference Number 1821

Market Sectors:

Financial Services, Health and Safety, IT & Telecoms, Multi-Sector, Transportation

Operational Areas

Customer Service, Finance, Management, Manufacturing & Production, Operations, Patient Healthcare, Legal & Compliance, Transportation

Commercial Solutions

Ensure Compliance
Improve Customer Care
Increase Efficiency
Increase Health
Increase Security
Mitigate Risk
Reduce Cost

Commercial Opportunities

Seeking Alliance, Seeking Collaboration, Seeking Distribution

Speed to Market


The technology suite includes authoring tools capable of converting guideline contents into computer readable format which can then be integrated in the decision engine with situational data. In this way items/passages within the guidelines, relevant to the situational data, are detected and rendered to the user in a fully transparent manner at the point of decision making. These can take the form of action recommendations. All decision data, along with all other situational data, are captured and time stamped, and compliance with the guideline can be monitored. This can be done on an individual or population level. Through this process the technology has been shown to measure performance, standardize performance and increase compliance with guidelines. Descriptive and predictive analytics outputs can be utilized along with the technology to create prescriptive analytics outputs.  

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